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To help run UK Coffee Week there is a registration fee of £10 per outlet (not inc. VAT).

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Wholesale Burundi Mageyo Coffee Beans. Freshly roasted and shipped by our partners at Colonna Coffee. All profits support our work in Ethiopia. Flat shipping rate of £9.00 to flagship location. Delivery cannot be guaranteed before the start of the campaign, however Colonna will roast, pack and ship your order within 3 days of registration. Please note, unless you click 'Add' no coffee is added to your registration.

Wholesale 1kg Burundi Mageyo Coffee Beans

Host our coffee as your guest roast for the month of October
(Minimum order quantity 2 bags)

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£20.00 Per bag

Wholesale 250g Burundi Mageyo Coffee Beans

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(Minimum order quantity 12 bags)

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£6.50 Per bag


To help run UK Coffee Week there is a registration fee of £10 per outlet/online business (not inc. VAT).

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Recommend a Friend? The more businesses and coffee lovers who participate in UK Coffee Week, the more money we’ll raise for Project Waterfall. Know any coffee shops or retailers who should be taking part? Tell us below and we’ll get in touch with them!

UK Coffee Week is funded through brand sponsorship. Without the support and commitment of the fantastic brands we have had over the last decade the campaign would not have been possible, and Project Waterfall would have missed out on hundreds of thousands of pounds of fundraising.
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